The dwarven kingdom lived for hundred years in prosperity. Once divided, the dwarven clans collaborated together under the rule of the good king Oldric. The symbol of the united dwarven kingdom and its most precious treasure was the magic crown kept in the kingdom's treasury.

The crown was guarded by Vorn, Oldric's valiant son. He protected it from robbers, goblins, and most importantly nasty elven thieves. However, the crown became the object of envy from a powerful enemy...

One day something unusual happens - a strange portal rises in treasury and a red hooded character goes out of it. The stranger uses dark magic to put the young dwarf to sleep and steals the royal crown and diamonds.

You must help Vorn go through different levels to capture the mage and get back the dwarven crown. You will venture through badlands, old forest, ghost town and many more. If you remember classic game heroes such as Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Ratchet or Rayman, you will like Vorn's adventure too!